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Fresh Fish and Seafood, skillfully prepared

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We refine the finest fillet of tuna caught in the shores of La Gomera to a taste experience unlike any other.

Those who prefer it a little better must try our fish plate "Atlantico".

Fine and noble we present filets of sea bream with garlic butter.

As you see, the choice is difficult...

Fish and Seafood


Fresh Tuna Steak 
medium pan fried with herbs, wasabi-chip, marinated ginger potatoes and salad


Sea Bream
Filets of sea bream, crispy pan fried with full potatoes, mojo and salad


Filet of Amberjack with fresh vegetables, full potatoes and garlic butter


Fish Plate "Atlantico"
Fillet of sea bream and amberjack with octopus and mussels in white wine sauce, 
vegetable-rice and mojo


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